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Slow Radio is one of the most famous online radio station from UK. It broadcast 24 hours Love, Romance, Romantic music from its own studio. It was founded in 22 June 1998. Slow Radio is a unique radio concept. It has achieved popularity across Belgium by providing a peaceful escape from the fast-paced world of daily life. Offering a refreshing escape from the constant hustle and bustle of modern life. The station is famous for its focus on creating a relaxing and meditative listening experience.

Slow Radio offers a unique approach to radio broadcasting. It allows listeners to fully immerse in the gentle art of romantic music, rather than the fast-paced, excitement-packed format. The station, which started as a home studio project, utilized its own collection of CDs and vinyl records to create playlists and broadcast them online.

Vision and mission:

Slow Radio’s vision to provide its listeners a relaxing and soothing musical and radio listening experience. This can help listeners unwind, enjoy, and express their emotions as well as feel the vibe of some of the best romantic songs ever created in Belgium and across the globe. SlowRadio aims to inspire, entertain, and connect listeners with love songs and romantic music. It aims to be the No.1 romantic radio in Belgium. The station provides the best selection of love songs and romantic music, creating a community of music lovers.


Slow Radio broadcasts melodious radio programs packed with heartfelt and romantic music. It features a diverse range of classic love ballads and contemporary pop hits. All of its songs are carefully chosen to create a romantic atmosphere. It helps listeners to craft beautiful moments and memories. Encouraging listeners to cherish the love that surrounds them. Slow Radio’s simplicity lies in its endearing qualities, reminding listeners that sometimes the most beautiful moments are the simplest ones.

Slow Radio offers a diverse range of programs to cater to different moods and tastes of listeners. These include classic love songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Slow Radio Hits, featuring the latest and hottest romantic hits. It also airs programs with smooth and chill music from jazz, soul, RnB, and lounge, and Slow Radio Request, allowing listeners to request their favorite love songs and romantic music through the website or social media platforms, fostering interaction and sharing musical preferences.

Over the years, the station has expanded its team and equipment, adding more engaging and melodious programs to meet the diverse tastes and needs of its listeners. This is one of the most popular radio stations in Belgium. The station has a large and loyal following, and it is listened to by people of all ages and backgrounds.


Language: French

Slow Radio