Dundalk FM is a community radio station in Dundalk, Ireland, that specializes in adult current music. Adult contemporary, abbreviated as AC, is a radio genre that caters to a diverse demographic of adult listeners aged 25 and above. It includes a wide spectrum of musical genres such as pop, rock, R&B, and soft rock.

Its mission as a community radio station is to develop a sense of connection and engagement within the local community. They are committed to educate, entertain and inform through our wide range of programs. Its official website is – www.dundalkfm.com/

Dundalk FM Programs

Dundalk FM’s adult contemporary programming focuses on delivering a blend of great classics from various eras. The goal of providing its audience with a nostalgic and delightful listening experience. This station meticulously curates its playlist to include both vintage and current chart-toppers, delivering a well-balanced mix of old and new songs.

The speakers on this radio station are talented and educated about the adult contemporary genre. These presenters have a profound understanding of music and work hard to create programs that are interesting and enjoyable for their audience. To add value to the programming, they may include instructive segments, interviews, and debates on pertinent themes.

Dundalk FM Aim

This station attempts to produce a comfortable and easy-listening environment, making it appropriate for a variety of locations and events. This station broadcasts music as well as local news updates, community notices, and other programming pertinent to the area it serves. It is a non-profit, independent, friendly community development organization that gives everyone in Dundalk and the surrounding area a voice.


Country: Ireland

Genre: adult contemporary

Language: English

Dundalk FM
Dundalk FM
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