Irish Country Music Radio

Irish Country Music Radio

Irish Country Music Radio is a well-known Irish radio station that broadcasts folk and country music. The station, which focuses on traditional and modern Irish sounds, provides a platform for both renowned and developing Irish country music acts. It is an important platform for promoting and maintaining Irish country music, providing a venue for listeners to immerse themselves in the beautiful melodies and poignant lyrics that distinguish this beloved genre.

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Irish Country Music Radio Programs

This radio station plays traditional and current folk music, as well as classic and contemporary country tunes. This station strives to appeal to a wide range of listeners, including both Irish citizens and music fans from all over the world who appreciate the distinct sounds of Irish folk and country.

Listeners can expect to hear a combination of legendary Irish folk tunes performed by prominent Irish artists, such as ballads and jigs. This station also plays country music by Irish and worldwide musicians, ranging from classic country melodies to the genre’s most recent hits. Aside from music, it also serves as a platform for artists, hosts interviews, and keeps listeners up to date on the latest news and happenings in the Irish folk and country music scene.

Irish Country Radio Aim

This radio station is dedicated to promoting and maintaining Ireland’s rich musical traditions, notably those of folk and country music. This station promotes local talent by featuring live performances and exclusive recordings. It keeps listeners informed about upcoming concerts, festivals, and events.


Country: Ireland

Genre: folk, country

Language: English

Irish Country Music Radio
Irish Country Music Radio
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