Radio Nova is a prominent radio station in Ireland that caters to rock music fans. This radio station is noted for its attention to rock and classic rock genres, with a focus on presenting high-energy and dynamic programming. This blend of classic and present rock guarantees that Radio Nova remains a vibrant and relevant musical landscape. It is currently streaming in English.

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Radio Nova Programs

This station’s programming covers a diverse selection of rock music from many eras and subgenres. This station provides a wide playlist that caters to the tastes of its loyal rock-loving audience, with everything from legendary rock songs to undiscovered gems.

This Radio’s dedication to classic rock is very noteworthy. They pay tribute to rock music’s roots by including iconic bands and musicians from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Listeners may expect to hear classic tunes by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and many more.

In addition to playing classic rock, this station also plays contemporary rock. They provide a platform for both established and rising rock acts, as well as keep their fans up to date on the latest rock releases.

Radio Nova Aim

This radio station is a favorite among rock fans in Ireland. This radio station broadcasts more than simply music. It also has interesting and entertaining DJs who are rock music fans. With their lively personalities, these hosts deliver intelligent comments, share amusing experiences, and keep the listening engaged.


Country: Ireland

Genre: rock,classic rock

Language: English

Radio Nova