Irish Pub Radio

Irish Pub Radio

Irish Pub Radio is a prominent Irish radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of folk, ethnic, Irish, and balada music. This radio station delivers a riveting collection of folk, ethnic, Irish, and balada music, whether you’re a fan of traditional Irish music, appreciate the beauty of folk tunes, or prefer discovering diverse cultural sounds. It offers a portal to Ireland’s rich musical past, offering listeners with an engaging and authentic radio experience.

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Irish Pub Radio Programs

Folk music is at the heart of Irish Pub Radio’s programming. They cover a wide range of folk genres, including traditional Irish folk, Celtic music, acoustic folk, and singer-songwriter songs. Expect instrumental tunes, vibrant jigs and reels, soulful ballads, and engaging storytelling through music.

In addition to Irish folk, the station broadcasts ethnic music, reflecting the international influences and global linkages of Irish music. This station’s playlist also includes balada, a type of music that generally communicates emotional stories through song. Balada is known for its passionate lyrics, emotional melodies, and expressive vocals.

Irish Pub Radio Aim

This station’s mission is to highlight Ireland’s rich cultural legacy and to provide listeners with a genuine and immersive experience of traditional and contemporary Irish music. Irish Pub Radio is dedicated to promoting Irish music and supporting Irish performers in their communities. They feature both well-known Irish musicians and rising Irish musicians, giving them a platform to promote their work. This contributes to the preservation and celebration of the distinct sounds and traditions of Irish music.


Country: Ireland

Genre: folk, ethnic, irish, balada

Language: English

Irish Pub Radio
Irish Pub Radio
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