Eurobeat FM


Eurobeat FM is a German online radio station. It is an online radio station that specializes in playing Eurobeat music. Dance and electronic music programs are available here. Eurobeat is an electronic dance music genre that originated in Europe in the 1980s. It is known for its fast tempo, high-energy beats, and catchy melodies. Listeners can tune in to this radio station and enjoy a continuous stream of Eurobeat tracks.

Eurobeat FM has a website or mobile app where you can listen to the radio stream, view the current track being played, and browse through their archives or playlists. Its official website is –

Eurobeat FM – Programs

This radio station starts the day with upbeat Eurobeat music, news and traffic updates, weather forecasts, and entertaining banter. Some programs rank the week’s most popular Eurobeat songs based on listener votes, sales, and airplay. You can listen to the most recent Eurobeat releases and premieres. Some shows concentrate on remixes and reworks of popular Eurobeat songs. It serves as a platform for new artists and promotes diversity within the genre.

Eurobeat FM – Aim

Eurobeat FM aims to provide a platform for Eurobeat fans to enjoy and discover this musical genre. This radio station offers a dedicated platform for Eurobeat music fans to enjoy and promote their favorite genre. Listeners can experience a more intimate and relaxed side of Eurobeat music.

Its goal is to unite a community of listeners who enjoy the high-energy, fast-paced electronic music style that emerged in Europe in the 1980s. The radio station works hard to create a diverse playlist of Eurobeat tracks that includes both classic hits and new releases. This radio station also aims to help Eurobeat artists by promoting their work and giving them a platform to reach a larger audience.


Country: Germany

Genre: Dance, Electronic

Language: German and English


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