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Croatian radio station Hrvatski Radio Frankfurt is based in Frankfurt, Germany. It serves as a meeting place for the Croatian community in Frankfurt and the surrounding areas. The station’s mission is to connect the Croatian diaspora with their homeland while also promoting Croatian culture, music, and language. It raises awareness of Croatian culture, traditions, and community events.

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Hrvatski Radio Frankfurt – Programs

Hrvatski Radio Frankfurt airs a wide range of programming, including news, music, talk shows, and entertainment. Listeners can tune in to hear the latest news from Croatia, as well as interviews with prominent Croatian figures. The station also broadcasts a wide variety of Croatian music, including traditional folk songs, current hits, and popular music from various genres. Interviews with Croatian musicians, reviews of new releases, and live performances can all be found here.

This station provides local and international news updates on a variety of topics such as politics, the economy, culture, and sports. It features Croatian sporting events such as football (soccer), basketball, handball, and other popular Croatian sports.

Hrvatski Radio Frankfurt – Aim

Hrvatski Radio Frankfurt’s main goal is to provide a sense of belonging and connection to the Croatian community abroad. The primary goal of the station is to connect Croatians living abroad with their homeland while also promoting Croatian culture, music, and language. It provides a venue for Croatian artists, musicians, and cultural organizations to showcase their work while also helping to preserve and promote Croatian heritage.

Hrvatski Radio Frankfurt’s primary goal is to promote and support Croatian talent. The station actively promotes Croatian artists, musicians, and cultural organizations, providing them with a platform to reach a larger audience while also contributing to the preservation and celebration of Croatian heritage.


Country: Germany

Genre: rock, pop, news, talk

Language: Croatian and German

Hrvatski Radio Frankfurt
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