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Kurd FM is a Kurdish radio station. It is a popular Kurdish radio station that broadcasts from Berlin and serves the Kurdish community in Germany. This radio station primarily serves the Kurdish diaspora and aims to provide news, folk music, and cultural programming in Kurdish.

This page contains information about upcoming cultural events, festivals, and celebrations in Kurdish communities. This promotes and supports listeners’ participation in these events, fostering a sense of community and cultural pride. This radio station focuses on providing a wide range of content in Kurdish, including news, talk shows, music, and cultural programs. The station’s mission is to connect the Kurdish community in Germany with their culture and homeland.

Kurd FM official website is – www.kurdfm.com

Kurd FM – Programs

The programs on this radio station typically include traditional Kurdish music, cultural discussions, and other content about Kurdish folk traditions. A diverse range of traditional Kurdish music styles, including regional folk songs, dance tunes, and instrumental compositions, is broadcasted here. These songs reflect the Kurdish people’s cultural heritage and history.

Interviews with Kurdish musicians, artists, folklorists, and cultural experts are featured on the radio. This radio station also hosts storytelling sessions where audiences can hear traditional folktales, legends, and myths. These stories frequently include important lessons, moral teachings, and historical references.

Kurd FM – Aim

The goal of this radio station is to promote and preserve the Kurdish people’s rich cultural heritage through radio broadcasting. Its mission is to preserve and promote Kurdish folk music, which is an important part of Kurdish culture. This radio station helps to preserve Kurdish cultural identity by broadcasting traditional folk songs, instrumental music, and other cultural content.


Country: Germany

Genre: folk

Language: Kurdi and Germany

Kurd FM
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