Radio Heimatmelodie

Radio Heimatmelodie

Radio Heimatmelodie is a German radio station that specializes in traditional German folk music, Schlager, and volksmusik. It is well-known for promoting and preserving traditional German music, including genres such as volksmusik, schlager, and folk-pop.

Heimatmelodie is an online folk music service that provides a continuous stream of folk music from around the world. It plays a wide variety of folk genres and updates its playlist on a regular basis with new releases and classic recordings. Its official website is –

Radio Heimatmelodie – Programs

The station broadcasts a variety of programs featuring established and emerging German musicians, bands, and singers. It serves as a showcase for traditional music from various regions of Germany, including Bavaria, Swabia, and the Alpine regions. The programming on this radio station focuses on the origins of folk music, exploring its historical context and evolution. It frequently features lesser-known folk artists and deep dives into specific folk music traditions and subgenres.

Listeners in Germany can tune in to Heimatmelodie via traditional radio frequencies or via the station’s live stream on their official website. Furthermore, the station may provide podcasts or on-demand services, allowing listeners to enjoy their favorite programs whenever they want.

Radio Heimatmelodie – Aim

Heimatmelodie is a traditional folk music and entertainment radio station in Germany. This radio station’s mission is to promote and preserve folk music by providing a platform for artists and listeners who enjoy this genre. It aims to present a diverse range of folk music styles, such as traditional folk, contemporary folk, folk-rock, and others.

Heimatmelodie not only broadcasts music but also information about Germany’s traditional customs, festivals, and cultural events. By promoting traditional German culture, the station hopes to foster a sense of regional identity and pride.


Country: Germany

Genre: Folk

Language: German

Radio Heimatmelodie

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