Hit 94 FM, The Radio With The Hottest Top 40 Songs.

Hit 94 FM is a popular musical online radio station broadcasting from, Aruba. It’s the home to some of the greatest Caribbean and top 40 songs ever created. If you are looking for a radio station that plays the best top 40 songs and other Caribbean music, just tune the radio. Listeners loves every moment they pass on the radio. Since the beginning of its broadcasting journey, it became a fan favorite among Aruba’s music loving radio fans.


Hit 94 FM airs the latest top 40 hits from Aruba and from around the world, as well as Caribbean classics and new releases. The station also features a variety of programs related to music. This is the premier online radio from Aruba for ultimate top 40 and Caribbean music! The radio poses one of the highest listenership number among all the radio stations in Aruba. Seamlessly blending the hottest Top 40 hits with the soul-stirring melodies of the Caribbean music, Hit94 FM is a symphony of rhythm and harmony. Start listening to the radio and take your radio listening experience to a new height.

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey as the station delivers a seamless fusion of chart-topping Caribbean songs from various era and genres. Latin music is one of its core attraction. The radio started its journey with the sole purpose of entertaining listeners with good music. Tune in and let the vibrant sounds of Hit 94 FM transport you to a musical journey like never before. Enjoy Pop, dance, Latin, Caribbean hits and top 40 music on various contemporary hits only on Hit 94 FM.

It guarantees an unforgettable sonic adventure that resonates long after the music fades. Whether you are in Aruba or anywhere else in the world, you can enjoy the vibrant and lively sounds of Hit 94 FM. It is the radio station that hits you with the best music and the best vibes. Don’t miss it!

Website: www.hit94fm.com

Email: hit94fm@gmail.com

FaceBook: Hit94FM ARUBA

Language: English

Contact Number: +297 5820694

Hit 94 FM
Hit 94 FM
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