Comeback Radio: The Station for Montuno Lovers

Comeback Radio is an online radio station that broadcasts from Aruba, a Caribbean island nation. The station specializes in playing montuno, a musical genre that originated in Cuba and is characterized by a fast tempo, syncopated rhythms, and improvisation. Montuno is also known as son montuno, a subgenre of son cubano, which is a fusion of Spanish and African musical influences.


Comeback Radio was founded in 2018 by DJ Eushe, a passionate montuno fan who wanted to share his love for the music with the world. DJ Eushe started the station as a hobby, using his own collection of montuno records and CDs. He soon gained a loyal following of listeners who appreciated his selection of classic and contemporary montuno songs, as well as his lively and friendly personality.

The station’s motto is “Pa amante di montuno: 24/7 dushi musika den bo orea”, which means “For montuno lovers: 24/7 sweet music in your ears” in Papiamento, the native language of Aruba. Comeback Radio aims to entertain and educate its listeners about the rich history and culture of montuno, as well as to promote new and emerging artists who are keeping the genre alive.

Programs and DJs

Comeback Radio offers a variety of programs that cater to different tastes and moods of its listeners. Some of the most popular programs are:

  • Montuno Matinee: A daily program that airs from 10 am to 12 pm, featuring the best montuno hits from the past and present. DJ Eushe hosts this program, introducing each song with some background information and trivia. He also takes requests from listeners who want to dedicate songs to their loved ones or friends.
  • Montuno Masterclass: A weekly program that airs every Wednesday from 8 pm to 10 pm, focusing on the history and evolution of montuno. DJ Eushe invites experts and scholars who share their knowledge and insights on various topics related to montuno, such as its origins, influences, styles, instruments, composers, performers, and social contexts. The program also features interviews with legendary montuno artists who share their stories and experiences.
  • Montuno Mix: A weekly program that airs every Friday from 10 pm to 12 am, showcasing the latest and hottest montuno releases from around the world. DJ Eushe mixes and blends different montuno tracks, creating a dynamic and exciting musical journey for his listeners. He also introduces new and upcoming montuno artists who are making waves in the scene.
  • Montuno Weekend: A weekend program that airs every Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm, celebrating the joy and diversity of montuno. DJ Eushe plays a wide range of montuno songs, from traditional to modern, from romantic to upbeat, from Cuban to Colombian, from salsa to timba. He also interacts with his listeners, answering their questions, comments, and feedback.


In addition to DJ Eushe, Comeback Radio also features other DJs who share his passion for montuno. Some of them are:

  • DJ Ray: A veteran DJ who has been spinning montuno records since the 1970s. He has a vast knowledge and collection of montuno music, especially from the golden era of the genre. He hosts a monthly program called Montuno Memories. Here he plays rare and classic montuno gems that are hard to find elsewhere.
  • DJ Mekkie: A young and talented DJ who has a fresh and innovative approach to montuno music. He incorporates elements of hip hop, reggae, dancehall, and electronic music into his montuno mixes, creating a fusion of sounds that appeals to the younger generation. He hosts a monthly program called Montuno Madness, where he showcases his original and remixes of montuno songs.
  • DJ Libby: A female DJ who has a passion for empowering women through music. She plays montuno songs that feature female voices, both as singers and instrumentalists. She also highlights the contributions and achievements of women in the montuno scene, both past and present. She hosts a monthly program called Montuno Mujeres, where she celebrates the role and impact of women in montuno music.

Why Listen?

Comeback Radio is more than just a radio station. It is a community of montuno lovers who share a common passion and appreciation for the music. By listening to Comeback Radio, listeners can enjoy the best of montuno music, learn more about the history and culture of montuno, discover new and emerging montuno artists, and connect with other montuno fans from around the world.

Comeback Radio is the ultimate destination for montuno lovers. It is the station that keeps the montuno spirit alive. Comeback Radio is the station that makes you come back for more.

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