Magic 96.5 FM: Aruba’s Premier Radio For All Round Listening Experience.

Magic 96.5 FM is the hottest radio station in Aruba. It broadcasts a wide range of radio programs on music, promotions, information, news, and entertainment. With its diverse playlists covering various musical genres and eras, the radio entertains music fans of all age group non-stop. The station’s music lineup features the latest hits from top artists, as well as classic favorites.

This is one of the most popular online radio station broadcasting from Oranjestad, Aruba. Whether you are a local listener or tuning from somewhere else, you will find something to enjoy on Magic 96.5 FM.


Explore the magic of music from Aruba and across the globe as well as information, discussion, news and entertainment with Magic 96.5 FM. The class leading radio listening experience and state-of-the-art programs makes it the go-to choice for radio listeners of Aruba. Every day, thousands of listeners from Aruba and across the globe tunes the radio and enjoys its engaging and entertaining radio programs.

Whether you’re looking for the latest music, the hottest promotions, the most up-to-date news, or the best entertainment, Magic 96.5 has something for you. Tune in today and experience the magic!

What makes Magic 96.5 FM so special?

Magic 96.5 FM has something for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why you should tune in to Magic 96.5:

  • Music: It plays a wide range of music genres, from pop and top 40 to variety and oldies. You will hear songs from the most popular artists in Aruba and around the world, as well as some local and regional talents. You can also request your favorite songs and dedicate them to your loved ones.
  • Entertainment: Ther adio is not only about music, but also about fun and laughter.
  • Information: Magic 96.5 is your source of reliable and relevant information on Aruba and beyond. You will get the latest news updates on politics, sports, business, health, education, culture, and more. You will also learn useful tips and advice on various topics, such as travel, lifestyle, finance, and wellness.
  • News: It keeps you informed of what is happening in the world with its news bulletins and reports. You will hear breaking news stories from local and international sources, as well as analysis and commentary from experts and journalists.


With its captivating music selection, exciting promotions, up-to-date information, latest news coverage, and endless entertainment options, Magic 96.5 FM is your go-to source for a magical auditory experience. Tune in and let the magic unfold!



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Language: English

Contact Number: +297 586 0965

Magic 96.5 FM