Super Exitos Aruba

Super Exitos Aruba

Super Exitos Aruba: The Best of Latin Music

Super Exitos Aruba is a radio station in Aruba that plays the best of Latin music. It includes top 40 hits, pop music, and Caribbean music. The station is known for its upbeat and energetic music. It is a popular choice for listeners of all ages.


It was founded in 1995 by a group of Aruba music lovers. They wanted to create a radio station that would play the music they loved. The station quickly became popular, and it soon became the go-to station for Latin music in Aruba.


With its dynamic blend of Top 40 hits, infectious pop tunes, and soulful Caribbean melodies, this radio station has become a sonic centerpiece for both locals and visitors. Super Exitos Aruba pays homage to its Caribbean roots with “Caribbean Vibes Unleashed.” This segment celebrates the rich cultural diversity of the region through a curated selection of Caribbean hits. Recognizes the power of music to unite people. Through its interactive platforms, the station encourages listeners to engage, request songs, and share their musical experiences.

Super Exitos Aruba is more than just a radio station; it’s a musical journey. With its dedication to delivering top-tier Top 40 hits, pop sensations, and Caribbean rhythms, the station has become a beacon of melody and connection. Whether you’re dancing, lounging by the beach, or simply seeking a musical escape, tune in to SuperExitos Aruba and let the rhythms of the Caribbean carry you away on a melodious adventure.



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Language: English

Contact Number: +2975826341, 2975932671

WhatsApp: +2975932671

Address: Ponton 41-B, Oranjestad, Aruba.

Super Exitos Aruba