Listen to Kairi FM, The Genuine sound of Dominica!

Kairi FM is among the best online radio from Dominica for music, entertainment and information on the go or at home. It’s your companion all day long. Access anytime and enjoy its engaging programs.


The radio broadcasts from the capital city of Roseau, Dominica. It was founded on November 14, 1994. The radio operates on two frequencies: 107.9 and 93.1 MHz FM. The radio was launched by a group of entrepreneurs. They wanted to provide an alternative and independent voice for the Dominican people. Also, the name Kairi comes from the indigenous Kalinago word for Dominica, meaning “land of many waters”.


Kairi FM broadcasts a diverse range of radio programs for all occasions and for every listener’s taste. Its programs are based on music, entertainment, news, information and more.

This is one of the leading news medium in Dominica, with Shermain Bique as the news coordinator. In Addition, its news and informational programs covers a wide range of topics like sports, entertainment, culture, education, and community development. Listeners can start their day with its morning shows on news, weather, traffic, interviews, and music.

For music, it plays the latest hits, local and regional music, and requests from listeners. Music lovers loves to enjoy its eclectic mix of genres, from the pulsating rhythms of soca to the soulful melodies of reggae.


Being the most reputable and trustworthy radio station in Dominica. While advancing the social, cultural, and economic advancement of the country is Kairi FM’s objective. In addition to offering a forum for discussion, debate, and diversity, Kairi FM aims to enlighten, educate, and amuse its listeners.

Kairi FM has a significant impact and popularity in Dominica, and beyond. Also, the station has a loyal and diverse audience, who tune in for the quality and variety of programs. Lastly, its musical programs are enjoyed by thousand of listeners as well as the news programs are adored by listeners too.



FaceBook: kairifm

Twitter: @kairifmdominica

Instagram: kairifm

Language: Englsih

Contact Number: +1 767-448-7330

Address: 42 Independence Street, Roseau, Dominica.

Frequency: 107.9 and 93.1 MHz FM.

Kairi FM