Listen to Tdn Radio, The voice of Dominica and Caribbean diaspora!

TDN Radio is about our culture, people and music. We look forward to everyday, working hard to keep our listeners informed and entertained while promoting our Caribbean artists. Our mission is more than just playing great Caribbean music for you. It’s about promoting our culture, people, music, and our Caribbean community as one people.

This is the voice of the Caribbean people, who live in different parts of the world, but share a common heritage, culture, and identity.


TDN Radio has established itself as a leading voice for Caribbean music and culture. Broadcasting live from Grand Fond, TDN Radio offers a diverse programming lineup that caters to audiences across the globe. It’s not only a great radio but a companion for entertainment and information for the radio listeners of Dominica.

Over the years, the station has grown into a cultural touchstone. A platform for local artists and a haven for music lovers. Beyond music, it has become a vital source of information and entertainment. Offering news, sports, talk shows, and special programming throughout the day. Its programs reflect the vibrant tapestry of Caribbean life. This is a showcase of musical and cultural vibrancy of Dominica and Caribbean diaspora.

This is not only a great platform for popular musicians but for the emerging artists and musicians of Dominica.


TDN Radio is one of the most popular and influential radio stations in Dominica and the Caribbean region. It has won several awards and accolades for its outstanding programming and contribution to the radio scene of Dominica.

TDN Radio is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves the Caribbean diaspora. This is where the Caribbean comes to talk, listen, and learn. Tune in to TDNRadio today and join the TDN family. You will love it!



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