Listen to Wice QFM, The voice of Dominica!

Wice QFM is the radio that broadcasts rhythmic and captivating musical programs from Dominica and from across the globe. It is famous for its entertainment and informational programs. Captivating listeners with its diverse programs, mainly on music.


Wice QFM broadcasts on 95.1-105.7 MHz FM from Roseau, the capital and largest city of Dominica. It was founded by Wice Group. This is a media company that also owns Wice TV, Wice Magazine, and Wice Online. Wice Group’s vision is to be the leading media company in Dominica. Its mission is to connect with the people of Dominica through media, culture, and community.


The station has evolved into an integral part of the island’s cultural scene. It broadcasts a rich blend of music, talk shows, and news programs. Resonating with the hearts and minds of Dominicans around the globe.

WICE QFM is popular for its eclectic musical selections. It broadcasts a blend of local and international music. The station’s energy is infectious, attracting listeners with its blend of rhythms and soulful melodies. It also airs community programs. Features talk shows on various topics such as politics, social issues, and cultural trends.

The radio has gained a loyal following for its quality programming on music, community and culture of Dominica. Its popularity can also be attributed to its friendly and energetic presenters. It’s home to some of the most popular and cheerful radio presenters in Dominica.

WICE QFM is more than just a radio station, It is a reflection of Dominica’s vibrant musical spirit, and its culture.


Language: English

Frequency: 95.1-105.7 FM

Wice QFM