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kessben fm

Kessben FM is a popular Ghanaian radio station that broadcasts from Kumasi, the administrative center of the Ashanti Region. It is a radio station that transmits to the majority of the nation’s regions from Aseda House. This radio station is Ghana-based, language – TWI. This radio station streamed live content continuously online. Through their station, Kessben FM is dedicated to promoting Ghanaian music, culture, and news. Listeners from around the world can tune into this station which is broadcast in the Twi language. The official website is –

Kessben FM Programs

This station is renowned for its wide variety of programming, which includes music, sports, news, and current affairs. Informational and entertaining content are among the many things it offers viewers.  It broadcasts primarily in Akan, which is a language that is widely used in Ghana’s Ashanti Region and other regions.

One of Ghana’s top radio stations, Kessben FM has a sizable audience. It provides a forum for regional and national debates and offers its audience news updates and analysis on a range of subjects. In order to satisfy different musical tastes, the station also plays a variety of musical styles, such as highlife, gospel, hiplife, and reggae.

Kessben FM – Aims

Kessben FM has developed a reputation for its educational and entertaining programming, with well-liked shows and hosts drawing a devoted audience. The goal of the station is to inform and amuse its listeners while keeping them informed of the most recent news and events in Ghana and around the world. On this radio ststion, you can find interviews, talk shows, and discussions on a range of interesting subjects. In the Ashanti Region and beyond, it has been crucial in spreading knowledge and advancing local culture.

Country: Ghana

Genre: Pop, African

kessben fm

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