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Oman FM is a well-known private radio station in Ghana. This radio station is owned by Multimedia Group Limited, a media conglomerate in Ghana. It broadcasts in the Twi dialect of the Akan language, which is widely spoken in Ghana. It is one of Ghana’s most popular private radio stations. Here broadcasts a wide range of programs on topics such as news, politics, sports, entertainment, and other topics of interest to its listeners. Oman FM’s official website is –

Oman FM – Programs

Oman FM is renowned for its entertaining talk shows with well-known figures, including politics, business, sports, and entertainment. The listeners of this radio station are given access to news, current affairs, sports, entertainment, and cultural content. Along with its music programming, the station is well-known for its interesting talk shows and discussions on current events.

Oman FM – Aims

It aims to offer a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas, giving voice to different viewpoints on problems affecting Ghana and the rest of the world. Experienced journalists and presenters deliver news updates and host interesting programs for Oman FM. The station’s objectives include informing, educating, entertaining, and promoting Ghanaian values and culture. It has a sizable following among Ghana’s Akan speakers and developed a reputation for its unbiased reporting and fair coverage.

The station has a strong online presence as well. This radio station allows users to access its website and mobile app to stream programs, read news articles, and access other content. Overall, Oman FM is a significant radio station in Ghana, contributing to the media and offering a place for entertainment and public discussion.

Country: Ghana

Genre: news, talk


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