Vision1 FM is a privately owned radio station in Ghana’s capital, Accra. It is a prominent radio station with an educational program. The radio station is also noted for its Christian-based programming and charitable initiatives. A variety of music, news, and entertainment shows are also broadcast here. It is one of the country’s leading privately owned radio stations. 93.5 MHz is the radio frequency. All programs are broadcasted in Akan. This radio station broadcasts a variety of news, talk shows, and entertainment programming.

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Vision1 FM – Programs

Vision1 FM is mostly utilized for educational purposes. It entails transmitting instructional content such as lectures, lessons, conversations, interviews, and other educational programs. This radio station likewise primarily serves its audience with news and current affairs information. It typically broadcasts news updates, interviews, analysis, and commentary on a wide range of themes, including politics, economics, social concerns, sports, and others.

Vision1 FM – Aims

The aim of Vision1 FM is to spread education and knowledge. You can also discover business-related programs and discussions about many facets of the business sector here. Its target audience is interested in entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, technology, and industry trends.

This radio station serves a large audience through delivering information, entertainment, and communication. This radio station is important in the media since it provides listeners with educational information, news, and cultural content. It has reacted to technological advances by increasing its presence via internet streaming, podcasts, and digital platforms, allowing for worldwide reach and interaction with viewers beyond traditional broadcast bounds.


Country: Ghana

Genre: news, talk, sports


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