Sankofa Radio

Sankofa Radio

Sankofa Radio is a well-known Ghanaian radio station. It is a Ghanaian radio station that promotes Ghana’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. Its mission is to serve the Ghanaian diaspora as well as individuals interested in Ghanaian culture, news, and music. Sankofa is an Akan word that means “Go back and get it.” It is an African wise saying that represents learning from the past in order to build a better future.

This radio station hosts stimulating and thought-provoking discussions about issues affecting the Afro-Ghanaian diaspora. Ghanaian culture, history, social issues, and current events can all be found here. It is a vehicle for educating, entertaining, and informing the public about Ghana’s rich cultural heritage and values.  It is streaming in the Twi language.

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Sankofa Radio Programs

Talk shows, news updates, music shows, and interviews with Ghanaian artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders are among the programs broadcast on Sankofa Radio. The station broadcasts a wide range of programs, including music shows highlighting traditional Ghanaian music genres such as highlife, hiplife, gospel, and traditional folk music.

Current events, politics, health, education, sports, entertainment, and social issues are all covered by the station. In order to promote Ghanaian talent and foster a sense of national pride, they also broadcast interviews with artists, musicians, cultural leaders, and experts in various fields.

Sankofa Radio Aim

The station’s mission is to give Ghanaian voices a platform and to promote unity, cultural preservation, and development among Ghanaians living abroad. Its mission is to keep the Ghanaian community in the United States informed, entertained, and connected to their roots.

Sankofa Radio Ghana can be accessed via its website or dedicated mobile applications. Through phone calls, social media platforms, and live-streaming options, the station also encourages audience interaction and engagement.


Country: Ghana

Genre: pop, news, talk

Sankofa Radio

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