Laser 101 Curacao

Laser 101 Curacao

Listen to Laser 101 Curacao, Curaçao’s # 1 Hit Music Station!

Laser 101 Curacao is a radio station broadcasting online from Curaçao. All the greatest music hits thrives here, because this is the station that plays it all. If are living in Curaçao and you are a fan of adult contemporary music, then this is the radio for you. This is the home to Curaçao’s best music.


Laser 101 Curaçao has a mission to provide quality entertainment, and musical programs to its listeners. Loves to be the radio that promotes Curaçao’s music to global audience. As well as to promote the culture and heritage of Curaçao and the Caribbean. It wants to reach a global audience through its online platform.


This is the home to upbeat as well as relaxing and soothing adult contemporary music, as well as some classics and oldies.  It plays the hottest hits of the moment, as well as some reggae, salsa, and dancehall tunes. From the pulsating beats of Latin and Caribbean music to the timeless appeal of classic rock, the station is filled with popular music titles.


All of its programs are hosted by an energetic and charismatic personality. Each presenter brings their unique personality and expertise to the airwaves. Creating a sense of connection and authenticity that resonates with listeners.

The radio has grown into a formidable force in the Curaçao radio scene, consistently captivating listeners with its fresh take on entertainment.

Laser 101 Curacao is the station that plays it all, and the station that you want to listen to.


Language: English

Laser 101 Curacao