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Ritmo Antiyano is a radio station that broadcasts from Willemstad, Curaçao. Listeners can enjoy the radio both online and through 92.9 FM. It is one of the most popular and influential radio on the island focusing on music.


Since its inception, Ritmo Antiyano has transformed into a cornerstone of Curaçao’s musical landscape. Fostering a deep connection with the island’s rich musical heritage and radio listeners of the country.


Its vision is to be the ultimate musical companion for the music loving radio listeners of the country.  The radio helps local musicians and artists be heard not only on the island but everywhere in the world. This is like a musical ambassador for Curaçao. Preserving and promoting the island’s musical heritage to a global audience. Its mission is to celebrate the cultural vibrancy of Curaçao through music. It’s connecting thousands of listeners with the island’s rich musical traditions.


All day long, the radio is jam packed with upbeat musical shows. It’s a radio for Curaçao’s best music as well as international hits.  It plays the best of Antillean music, from traditional genres like tambu, tumba, and calypso, to modern genres like reggae, salsa, and merengue.

The station’s lineup showcases the talents of local artists, both established and emerging, ensuring that the vibrant essence of Curaçaoan music continues to thrive.

On top of its popular and diverse musical shows, the radio also broadcasts cultural, news and informational programs too.


The knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenters of Ritmo Antiyano serve as curators of Curaçaoan music, guiding listeners through the island’s diverse musical landscape. Their passion for Curaçaoan music is evident in their insightful commentary, engaging anecdotes, and infectious enthusiasm. These talented individuals play a pivotal role in bringing Curaçaoan music to life, ensuring that its rich traditions are celebrated and preserved.

Ritmo Antiyano is more than just a radio station. It’s a place where awesome music connects listeners from all over Curaçao.



Language: Dutch

Contact Number: +0616239541

Frequency: 92.9 FM

Ritmo Antiyano
Ritmo Antiyano
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