Listen to Radio Krioyo, One of the best radio for music!

Radio Krioyo is broadcasting from Curaçao. It’s a Caribbean island that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The radio broadcasts online and on 89.7 MHz FM. All of its listeners enjoy its diverse and engaging programs on music, entertainment and info.


Since the beginning of its broadcasting, the radio is a key promoter of music from Curaçao and from across the globe. It plays the best of Curaçao and international music with equal air time. Although the core focus of the radio is to play pop and top 40 music, but, it also features hottest tracks from genres like hip hop, urban, RNB etc. If listeners demands, the radio also loves to play songs from any genre. It covers both classical and today trending hits.

Radio Krioyo has become the most prominent online radio for music enthusiasts to experience the best of Curaçao’s music. It also broadcasts programs on information, entertainment, education, and more. Also, it features live shows, interviews, debates, and interactive segments. Throughout the day the radio airs a mix of music, news, weather, traffic, humor and other programs. Enjoy a non-stop presentation of local and international hits. Pop, rock, top 40, dance, contemporary hits as well as Curaçao’s traditional genres, Radio Krioyo is popular for its variety of musical coverage. Enjoy latest hits from local and international artists, as well as interviews and trivia.

It also offers a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, with smooth and soulful music, dedications, and love messages from the listeners.


The talented presenters of Radio Krioyo are the driving force behind the station’s success. Their infectious enthusiasm, deep knowledge of Curaçaoan music, culture, and genuine connection with listeners make each program a captivating experience.

Radio Krioyo is more than just a radio station. It is a symbol of the Curacaoan musical spirit and passion.


Language: English

Frequency: 89.7 FM

Radio Krioyo