Mano FM

Mano FM

Mano FM is a popular Lithuanian radio station. Here broadcasts a wide range of music, primarily in the pop and folk genres. It is known for providing a balanced mix of contemporary pop hits and traditional folk tunes. This station’s programs are catering to a wide range of listeners with diverse musical tastes.

This radio station began broadcasting in 2014 and strives to meet the needs of all listeners. This radio station becomes a universal radio station suitable for everyone by broadcasting both hits and older songs. It is currently being broadcast online throughout Lithuania.

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Mano FM Programs

This station is staffed by a group of talented and knowledgeable radio hosts who curate playlists to keep the audience engaged and entertained. With a strong emphasis on Lithuania’s cultural heritage, this radio station features local folk artists and traditional folk songs that reflect the country’s history and traditions.

On the pop side, this station is likely to play the most recent and popular chart-toppers from both international artists and Lithuanian musicians. This keeps listeners up to date with the current music scene while also connecting them to their roots through folk music.

Mano FM Aim

The goal of this radio station is to be a dependable source of high-quality entertainment and cultural preservation in Lithuania, making it a go-to radio station for fans of pop and folk music. Its programs also include interactive segments, listener dedications, and lively discussions in order to foster a sense of community and a loyal listener base.


Country: Lithuania

Genre: pop, folk

Language: Lithuanian

Contact info.: +370 624 11101

Mano FM
Mano FM
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