Power Hit Radio

Power Hit Radio

Power Hit Radio is a popular radio station in Lithuania known for its vibrant selection of pop and Top 40 hits. Catering to a wide audience, it delivers a dynamic playlist featuring the latest chart-toppers and catchy pop tunes that are sure to keep listeners engaged and entertained. It offers a high-energy listening experience that keeps its audience up-to-date with the latest trends in pop music while also serving as a platform for discovering new favorites and enjoying beloved classics.

Its official website – powerhitradio.tv3.lt

Power Hit Radio Programs

Listeners tuning in to this radio station can expect to hear a diverse range of music from both local and international artists. The station typically plays a mix of current hits dominating the charts along with popular tracks from recent years, ensuring that there’s something for everyone’s taste. It likely offers entertaining and informative segments, such as celebrity interviews, music news, and updates on upcoming events and concerts.

In addition to the music, it often features lively and engaging radio personalities who provide entertaining commentary, share interesting insights about the songs and artists, and interact with listeners through requests, shoutouts, and contests.

Power Hit Radio Aim

It fosters a sense of connection and community among its listeners, serving as a platform where music enthusiasts can come together to share their passion for popular music. Whether listeners are tuning in during their morning commute, at work, or during leisure time, Power Hit Radio strives to be the soundtrack to their day, keeping them engaged and entertained with the latest pop and top 40 hits.


Country: Lithuania

Genre: pop

Language: Lithuanian

Power Hit Radio