Radio Lietus

Radio Lietus

Radio Lietus is a popular Lithuanian radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of music. This radio station mainly focuses on pop and top 40 hits. It aims to keep its listeners engaged by playing a mix of contemporary pop songs and current top 40 chart-toppers as a station that caters to a wide audience. Aside from music, it also offers entertaining shows, lively discussions, and interviews with musicians and celebrities.

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Radio Lietus Programs

This radio station broadcasts a variety of popular tracks from local and international artists throughout the day. It is ensuring that listeners are up to date on the latest music trends. The station’s playlist may include songs from popular genres such as pop, dance, R&B, hip-hop, and other mainstream styles. The goal of this station is to keep listeners up to date on the latest trends in the pop music industry.

This radio station is likely to feature lively and enthusiastic radio hosts who keep the audience entertained with engaging discussions, and entertainment news. Here also airs interactive segments in which listeners can participate through requests, dedications, or contests, in addition to playing music.

Radio Lietus Aim

The main goal of this radio station is to provide a vibrant and enjoyable listening experience, making it a favorite among music fans, young audiences, and anyone who enjoys the latest pop hits and top 40 songs. It is critical in promoting and sharing contemporary pop music and top 40 hits with its Lithuanian audience, providing a lively and dynamic listening experience for music fans across the country.


Country: Lithuania

Genre: pop, top40

Language: Lithuanian

Address: A.Smetonos g. 7, Vilnius 01115

Radio Lietus
Radio Lietus
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