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Maxi 80

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Maxi 80 is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in France. It broadcasts in French language. You can listen to many different types of programs in genres such as 80s. Maxi 80 official website is

Country: France
Genre: 80s

Maxi 80 Radio: Relive the Decade of Decadence

Blast from the Past: 

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic sounds of the 80s, from iconic hits to hidden gems.

Dance Like It’s 1980: 

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of the 80s with our non-stop playlist of retro classics.

Retro Rewind: 

Join us for a journey back in time as we revisit the era of leg warmers, neon lights, and big hair.

Connect with Fellow Retro Enthusiasts: 

Share your love for all things 80s and connect with fellow retro enthusiasts from around the globe.

Your Ultimate 80s Destination: 

Whether you’re a child of the 80s or just a fan of the era, Maxi 80 Radio is your ultimate destination for all things 80s.

Maxi 80