Medi 1 Radio

Medi 1 Radio

Medi 1 Radio is a well-known Moroccan radio station that broadcasts a wide range of programming, including news, talk shows, and sports coverage. This radio program provides a forum for open and informative debates on topics ranging from politics and culture to health and lifestyle. It is one of Morocco’s most popular 24-hour radio stations. It is a state-owned radio station. The station, which is situated in Tangier, Morocco, began broadcasting in 1980. The radio station operates throughout the Maghreb countries and is bilingual, transmitting in both Arabic and French.

It has a viewership of approximately 23 million people. It is broadcast from the Nador transmitter on 171 kHz longwave, as well as via the internet and satellite. This radio station has a considerable web audience. This online accessibility broadens their reach and impact beyond Morocco’s boundaries. Medi 1 Radio official website –

Medi 1 Radio Programs

This radio station is well-known for providing thorough and up-to-date news coverage. They give listeners with a combination of national and international news, allowing Moroccans and others to gain insight into current events, politics, economy, and social issues. This station broadcasts a variety of conversation shows on a wide range of themes. These broadcasts frequently feature experts, analysts, and visitors who address local, regional, and worldwide concerns.

This station provides live commentary on prominent sporting events such as football (soccer), basketball, and others. It reflects Morocco’s diverse cultural heritage. Its programming frequently includes stories on Moroccan traditions, music, and arts, exposing a global audience to the country’s legacy.

Medi 1 Radio Aim

This is a versatile radio station that caters to a wide range of interests and serves as a valuable source of news, conversation, and sports coverage for both its local audience and those interested in Moroccan issues throughout the world. It encourages intercultural interaction by discussing multiculturalism and diversity.


Country: Morocco

Genre: news, talk, sports

Language: Arabic and French

Medi 1 Radio
Medi 1 Radio
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