Radio 2M, situated in Morocco, is a multifunctional radio station that has garnered recognition for its diversified programming, which includes a combination of rock, pop, news, and entertainment. It promotes its ties to Moroccan culture and traditions. This cultural emphasis fosters a sense of solidarity and pride among its listeners. It is an online radio station broadcasting from Morocco. It is being broadcast in Arabic.

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Radio 2M Programs

This radio station is well-known for its diverse musical programming. This station plays an eclectic blend of rock and pop music to appeal to its wide audience. Listeners can enjoy a constant stream of their favorite tunes throughout the day if they have a large music library. It recognizes the value of entertainment in the lives of its listeners. As a result, it provides a variety of exciting entertainment shows. These shows not only entertain but also serve as a forum for discussing cultural and societal issues.

This radio station prioritizes keeping its audience informed and up to date. This channel offers in-depth news coverage, giving the most recent local, national, and international news developments.

Radio 2M Aim

This radio station takes pleasure in producing professional and high-quality content. It is accessible to a large audience, both locally and globally, via numerous media. It is a beloved and influential aspect of the Moroccan media landscape since it provides a valuable source of information, entertainment, and cultural connection to its audience.


Country: Morocco

Genre: rock, pop, news, entertainment

Language: Arabic

Radio 2M

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