Med Radio

Med Radio

Med Radio is a renowned Moroccan radio station recognized for its wide music programming. It catered to a variety of musical tastes, including pop and folk. This radio station is well-known for its varied music selection, which drew a wide audience. One of its distinguishing characteristics was its ability to smoothly merge several genres, making it a popular choice among fans of both pop and folk music.

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Med Radio Programs

This radio station broadcasted a lot of current pop music, including foreign hits and popular Moroccan pop songs. You could listen to the latest chart-toppers from around the world, as well as Moroccan pop sensations who were building a name for themselves in the music industry.

This station frequently played traditional Moroccan folk music that highlighted the country’s rich cultural heritage. Amazigh (Berber) folk music, Andalusian melodies, and Gnawa rhythms were all featured. Folk music fans will like the calming sounds of traditional Moroccan instruments such as the oud and guembri.

This radio station also broadcasts cultural programming about the history and significance of Moroccan folk music. This gave listeners a better understanding of the cultural roots of the music they were hearing.

Med Radio Aim

Its goal is to serve its viewers with content that is useful, interesting, and culturally relevant. It serves as a platform for both established and new talent. This station was instrumental in promoting Moroccan culture and history. There is a vast variety of music available, including Moroccan, Arabic, and international songs, as well as discussion shows, comedy, and other forms of entertainment.


Country: Morocco

Genre: pop, folk

Language: Arabic

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