Chada FM is a famous Moroccan radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of programs, including news, talk shows, music, and cultural programs. It is headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco. It is one of the top radio stations in the country and has a vast reach, serving listeners not just in Casablanca but also throughout Morocco. This radio station is mostly transmitted in Arabic, Morocco’s official language. This guarantees that the content is easily accessible and relatable to the Moroccan audience.

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Chada FM Programs

This radio station broadcasts current news and current events. This contains local, national, and international news, keeping listeners up to date on major events and developments across the world.

This station broadcasts a variety of conversation shows on a wide range of themes. These talk shows frequently feature experts, analysts, and guests who debate politics, the economy, social concerns, and other topics.  It frequently presents cultural programs that highlight Moroccan traditional music, art, history, and customs.

Chada FM Aim

This radio station is well-known for promoting Moroccan culture and history. This aids in the preservation and celebration of the country’s unique cultural variety. The music programming on the station appeals to a wide range of musical tastes. It is involved in community engagement and frequently conducts events, contests, and programs that connect with its listeners and promote a sense of community.


Country: Morocco

Genre: news, talk, Arabic, culture

Language: Arabic

Chada FM

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