NRJ Maurice

NRJ Maurice

NRJ Maurice is a popular Mauritius radio station. It is a vibrant and energetic platform that specializes in delivering a diverse range of music, with a primary focus on dance, pop, and hits. It has become a popular source of entertainment and musical discovery for Mauritius and beyond. This station is well-known for its ability to set the tone for any event.

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This radio station is well-known for its eclectic playlist, which caters to a wide range of musical tastes. This station broadcasts a variety of dance, pop, and hit songs by local and international artists. This radio station has a lively and energetic vibe. Its music selection is designed to keep you pumped and in a positive mood, whether you’re driving in your car, working out at the gym, or simply tuning in at home.

This radio station celebrates Mauritius’ vibrant music scene by playing local artists and tracks alongside global hits. It is a trustworthy source for the most recent chart-toppers and hit songs. It also provides online streaming, which enables listeners from all over the world to tune in and enjoy the music. This feature makes it available to a global audience, helping to spread the love for dance, pop, and hit music.

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This radio station in Mauritius is a dynamic radio station that specializes in dance, pop, and hit music and caters to a diverse and enthusiastic audience. It has earned its place as a top choice for music lovers in Mauritius and beyond thanks to its energetic vibe, engaging presenters, and a mix of local and international hits.


Country: Mauritius

Genre: dance, pop, hits

Language: French

NRJ Maurice
NRJ Maurice
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