MBC Radio Maurice

MBC Radio Maurice

MBC Radio Maurice is based on the beautiful island nation of Mauritius. It is a popular radio station known for its diverse and vibrant music programming. One of the station’s distinguishing features is its extensive collection of pop and oldies music, which forms a significant portion of its broadcast content. It is streaming in the French language.

MBC Radio Maurice official website – www.mbcradio.tv/

MBC Radio Maurice Programs

This radio station is a must-listen for fans of contemporary pop music. This station keeps its listeners up to date on the latest hits from both international and local artists. This station also pays homage to the classics by regularly playing oldies music from various eras. Nostalgia takes center stage as listeners enjoy timeless tunes from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and even earlier decades.

This radio station’s playlist is carefully curated in order to provide a diverse musical experience. You can expect to hear a mix of iconic pop and oldies tracks, hidden gems, and beloved favorites. It also promotes Mauritius pop music and local talent. It is a platform that showcases Mauritian artists’ creativity and talent, allowing them to share their music with a larger audience.

MBC Radio Maurice Aim

It is a lively Mauritius-based radio station that caters to fans of pop and oldies music. It has a diverse playlist, features local talent, and offers a unique blend of music and community engagement, making it a popular choice among island music fans. This station frequently interacts with the local community. It also features community events, news, and updates, creating a sense of connection and belonging among its listeners.


Country: Mauritius

Genre: pop, oldies

Language: French

MBC Radio Maurice