MBC Taal FM is a popular Mauritius radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of music programming. This station is known for its eclectic music selection, which draws on a variety of musical traditions to create a vibrant and diverse playlist. This radio station caters to a diverse audience by focusing on oldies, Indian, and Tamil music. It not only entertains but also serves as a cultural connector for its listeners, highlighting the region’s rich musical tapestry.

MBC Taal FM official website – www.mbcradio.tv/

MBC Taal FM Programs

One of the station’s distinguishing features is its emphasis on classic hits and oldies. It plays music from previous decades, transporting listeners on a nostalgic trip through time. Expect to hear classic tracks from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and even earlier, making it a favorite among fans of timeless melodies.

This radio station also provides its listeners with the rich and melodious sounds of Indian music. This musical style encompasses a diverse range of musical styles, including Bollywood hits, classical Indian music, Ghazals, and others.

This station caters to Mauritius’ Tamil-speaking population by playing a variety of Tamil music genres. Through this dedicated segment, Tamil-speaking listeners can feel connected to their cultural roots.

MBC Taal FM Aim

This radio station serves as a cultural bridge for Mauritius’ diverse communities. It is a radio station that stands out for its dedication to providing a diverse musical experience that includes oldies, Indian, and Tamil music. Indian music fans can tune in to hear the latest chart-toppers as well as beloved classics. Through its radio shows and hosts, Here also provides information, entertainment, and cultural insights.


Country: Mauritius

Genre: oldies, Indian, Tamil

Language: French