MBC Radio Mauritius

MBC Radio Mauritius

MBC Radio Mauritius is a well-known radio station in Mauritius that provides its listeners with a variety of conversation and news programs. It is well-known for providing up-to-date news and current affairs coverage. They usually broadcast news bulletins at regular times throughout the day, keeping their audience up to date on local, regional, and international developments.

The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation is the Republic of Mauritius’ official public broadcaster, serving the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, and Agaléga.

MBC Radio Mauritius’s official website – www.mbcradio.tv/

MBC Radio Mauritius Programs

This radio station routinely broadcasts talk shows and discussion programs on a variety of themes. Politics, economics, social issues, health, culture, and other topics may be discussed. It also has interviews with famous individuals such as politicians, entertainers, and specialists in numerous industries. These conversations provide listeners with a fuller understanding of these people’s lives and viewpoints.

In addition to news and chat, it broadcasts cultural and entertainment programming such as music, drama, and special events. This contributes to a well-rounded listening experience.

MBC Radio Mauritius Aim

This radio station frequently promotes events, charities, and community activities to the local community. This contributes to its audience connection and support for local concerns. It has a robust online presence, including live streaming of its broadcasts, podcasts of popular shows, and active social media profiles, allowing them to interact with their fans online.


Country: Mauritius

Genre: talk, news

Language: French

Owner: Government of Mauritius

MBC Radio Mauritius