Listen to Raadio Elmar Online, The radio full of music, entertainment and information.

Captivating listeners with its diverse programs and meaningful content.


Enjoy listening to one of the most prominent online radio station broadcasting from Estonia. Around the clock broadcasts the best radio programs on news, music, quiz, entertainment, sports and more. It’s a complete modern radio with friendly presentation.


Its broadcasting history dates back to 21 October 1918. Started broadcasting from Tartu, Estonia.  It was the first politically independent, privately owned radio station, paving the way for a more diverse media landscape in Estonia.

Focus of Quality:

The core vision of the radio is to provide listeners with quality radio programs that connects them with the culture and community of Estonia. It’s a platform for informed and insightful content.


Over the years, Raadio Elmar has evolved into a beloved radio station, committed to providing quality entertainment, information, and community engagement. All of its programs are based on the preference of its listeners. Due to a long broadcasting history, it can easily understand the pulse of its listeners and adopt accordingly. Listeners of all age groups loves the radio.

Tune to Raadio Elmar to enjoy best radio programs on music, news, discussion, culture, entertainment etc.

Elmar’s morning talk is the radio Elmar’s morning program “Awake, beautiful land!”
It also plays a list of popular Estonian songs. Listeners are treated with talk shows with their favorite musicians or stars as guest. Quiz shows, a Weekly show on popular songs, are also very popular.

Radio Elmar always has time for a stream of listeners, especially on the weekend. Wake up with us, play air games, listen to greetings and the best Estonian songs, and of course dance along.


Raadio Elmar