Listen to Spin FM Online, The best Dance Music Online Radio in Estonia.

Spin FM brings you the best new dance music, handpicked by the best in the industry! SpinFM is a radio for the fun-loving, dedicated to playing A LOT of music listeners! Its music selection is based only on recent charts and songs that are not yet on the charts too. The goal is to be the radio that plays hits before they become hits!


The radio started its journey since February 2008. Located in Tallinn at Veerenni 58, this was the radio that focused on pop and top chart music. From the beginning, the radio was available via radio tuner and online.


Today, the radio is mainly based on dance music and some contemporary hits on various popular music genres. Since the beginning, it’s focused on listeners of 15-25-year-olds. So, it can be said, this is a lively and energetic radio station that focuses on music trends among the youth. But, music fans of all groups will equally enjoy its programs. The radio keeps listeners on the pulse of the top charts. This is a go-to station for listeners who wanted an uninterrupted stream of catchy dance hits.

Spin FM
Spin FM
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