Listen to Raadio Kuku Online, Your Dearest Online Radio in Estonia!

Meaningful stories and important topics on the air every day. Programs that matters to you broadcasts by Raadio Kuku. It’s one of the most prominent online radio in the country for its focus on contents that are engaging and meaningful.


This is one of the most popular and longest broadcasting radio station in Estonia, dating back to post-occupation Estonia era. It’s among the first politically independent, privately owned radio station, paving the way for a more diverse media landscape.


Beyond catchy tunes, it delves into the heart of society, tackling meaningful stories and critical issues with a distinct voice. It’s a radio for informed and insightful content. Delves into crucial social, political, and cultural topics, fostering informed public discourse. The radio features human interest stories and personal narratives, offering a window into the lives of ordinary Estonians.

This is one of the best radio station for radio listeners of Estonia to enjoy programs on news, sports, discussion, entertainment and more. It’s an all-in-one solution for everything a modern radio has to offer to create a vibrant and united community.

Listeners can tune anytime they want and experience the class leading programs the radio offers. . Their morning and afternoon programs are particularly popular, with around 80,000 regular listeners tuning in.

Tune in and keep listening to one of the best online radio from Estonia, Raadio Kuku.



FaceBook: raadio.kuku

Contact Number: +372 630 7060

Address: Tartu mnt 80, Tallinn, Estonia

Raadio Kuku