Radio 1 in Slovenia offers a vibrant mix of news, pop, rock, and top 40 music, catering to a diverse audience with varied tastes. Throughout the day, listeners can expect to tune into a dynamic blend of content, from the latest headlines and updates to the hottest hits on the music charts. Its mission is its commitment to keeping its audience up-to-date with the latest news and current affairs. By staying true to its mission, the station remains a trusted source of entertainment and information for audiences in Slovenia and beyond.

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Radio 1 Programs

In the morning, listeners wake up to the station’s news segment, providing them with essential information on current affairs both domestically and internationally. As the day progresses, it keeps listeners entertained with a mix of rock classics and contemporary rock hits, appealing to fans of the genre spanning different generations.

The station ensures that its playlist stays up-to-date with the latest chart-topping hits across various genres, including pop, R&B, and dance music. Listeners can expect to hear their favorite mainstream tracks, keeping them in the loop with what’s trending in the music scene.

Radio 1 Aim

Its aim is to create a dynamic and engaging listening experience that combines informative news coverage with a diverse selection of music. Overall, this radio station serves as a comprehensive source of entertainment and information, offering a well-rounded programming schedule that caters to the diverse preferences of its audience, blending news updates with a lively mix of pop, rock, and top 40 music.


Country: Slovenia

Genre: rock, pop, news, top40

Language: Slovene

Radio 1
Radio 1
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