Radio Veseljak

Radio Veseljak

Radio Veseljak is a vibrant Slovenian radio station renowned for its diverse programming that caters to a wide audience. It serves as a vibrant hub for pop, news, and folk music, catering to a diverse audience with varied musical tastes and interests. It stands as a dynamic platform that not only entertains but also educates and connects communities through the universal language of music.

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Radio Veseljak Programs

This radio station offers a lively selection of popular music spanning various genres, including contemporary hits, chart-toppers, and timeless classics. Listeners can groove to the latest tunes from both Slovenian and international artists, ensuring a dynamic and upbeat listening experience.

Keeping its audience informed and engaged, it delivers regular news updates covering local, national, and international events. Whether it’s breaking news, current affairs, or feature stories, the station provides comprehensive coverage to keep listeners well-informed about the latest developments.

Embracing Slovenia’s rich cultural heritage, the station celebrates folk music as an integral part of its programming. From traditional Slovenian folk songs to regional melodies and dances, the station preserves and promotes the country’s musical traditions, offering listeners a glimpse into its cultural tapestry.

Radio Veseljak Aim

Overall, this radio station provides a balanced mix of pop, news, and folk music, catering to diverse tastes while fostering a sense of community and connection among its listeners. Whether you’re in the mood for upbeat rhythms, staying updated on current events, or immersing yourself in the cultural sounds of Slovenia, the station has something for everyone to enjoy.


Country: Slovenia

Genre: pop, news, folk

Language: Slovene

Radio Veseljak