Radio Maribor

Radio Maribor

Radio Maribor is a well-known radio station in Maribor, Slovenia, recognized for providing a wide range of news programming to keep its audience up to date on both local and international happenings. Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV Slovenia) operates the station, which is part of the national radio network Radio Slovenia. This station concentrates on cultural events and heritage because it is located in a city with a rich cultural and historical heritage.

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Radio Maribor Programs

This station takes pride in giving news that is particularly relevant to the people of Maribor and the neighboring areas. To accommodate to the different interests of their listeners, they provide a combination of local, regional, and national news. Politics, economy, culture, sports, and other subjects are covered in news broadcasts. Listeners can expect in-depth tales and commentary on a variety of issues.

This radio station is committed to giving timely updates. Whether it’s breaking news, weather reports, or traffic updates, they keep their listeners informed and ready for the day ahead. It also includes interviews with specialists, community leaders, and individuals of interest. These interviews provide useful insights and perspectives on current events. It also provides a global perspective on significant international events, ensuring its listeners are well-informed about world affairs.

Radio Maribor Aim

The news programs on this Radio are an essential source of information for the people of Maribor and the surrounding areas, and they contribute to Slovenia’s broader media landscape by offering wide and extensive news coverage. The station is dedicated to upholding high journalistic standards and ensuring that news is reported factually and impartially in accordance with professional ethics and ideals.


Country: Slovenia

Genre: News

Language: Slovene

Radio Maribor

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