Moj Radio

Moj Radio

Moj Radio is a radio station established in Slovenia that caters to rock music fans. Its major objective is to give its audience with high-quality rock music programming. It is a platform for rock music fans to connect with their favorite genre. The station is dedicated to providing high-quality programming, such as carefully curated playlists, live performances, interviews with rock musicians, and informative commentary on rock music and its subgenres.

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Moj Radio Programs

This radio station is committed to addressing the needs of rock music fans in Slovenia and elsewhere. The station understands rock music’s distinct and passionate fan base and strives to create content that speaks to them. It provides a diverse selection of rock music genres, catering to fans of classic rock, alternative rock, hard rock, punk, metal, and more. It introduces new sounds to its listeners and keeps them up to date on the latest trends in the rock music market.

This station not only supports and shows local talent, but it also promotes internationally recognized rock bands and musicians. This provides a place for Slovenian rising rock bands to promote their music. To engage its audience and build a sense of belonging among rock music aficionados, here frequently arranges events, prizes, and contests.

Moj Radio Aim

Its mission is to serve the rock music community by providing a varied range of high-quality rock content, supporting both established and rising artists, and encouraging unity among rock music fans. This radio station broadcasts information on the rock genre. It helps to preserve and promote the culture of rock music. It maintains the rock spirit alive and well in the local and global music scenes.


Country: Slovenia

Genre: Rock

Language: Slovene

Moj Radio

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