Radio Osai FM is a popular radio station in Malaysia. It broadcasts in Tamil and English languages. It started in 2009 and has many loyal listeners. Till this day since its first broadcasting, it harmonizes the lovely tones of Tamil and English languages to attract a legion of loyal fans.

Osai FM-Programs

Radio Osai FM plays different kinds of music. It has programs for rock, pop, hip hop, classical, and folk music. The radio also airs talk shows, news, sports, and entertainment segments. Osai FM aims to cater to the diverse tastes and interests of its audience. From the soul-stirring rock titles to the infectious beats of pop music, it covers them all.  It not only airs modern rock and pop music, but it also promotes classical to nostalgic folk titles that still tingles Malaysian music fans.

Osai FM Presenters

Radio Osai FM has a team of talented and experienced hosts. They are friendly, funny, and informative. Presenters interact with the listeners through phone calls, messages, and social media. They also invite guests from various fields to share their insights and stories. This is more than just a radio station. It is a community of people who love music and culture, supporting local artists and events it has become a home to emerging talents. It promotes social causes and awareness campaigns with its reach to thousands of listeners. This radio celebrates festivals and holidays with matching programs for their listeners.

Radio Osai FM is a radio station that you can trust for proper entertainment and information and enjoy its class leading programs on music, news and other topics. It is your companion and friend. Tune in to Osai FM today and discover the best of radio entertainment.


Language: Tamil, Malay, English.

Cell: 03-9543 8888

Radio Osai FM