Souvenirs FM offers a vibrant mix of dance, electronic, and hip-hop music, catering to diverse tastes in the realm of contemporary beats. Imagine tuning in and being greeted by pulsating rhythms that set the perfect backdrop for a night out or a high-energy workout session. From the infectious beats of electronic dance music to the slick flows and infectious hooks of hip-hop tracks, the station delivers an eclectic sonic journey.

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Souvenirs FM Programs

Their programming is carefully crafted to cater to diverse tastes within the dance, electronic, and hip-hop genres, offering a dynamic mix of tracks from both established artists and up-and-coming talents. Whether you’re into the pounding basslines of EDM, the innovative sounds of electronic experimentation, or the raw lyricism of hip-hop, the station ensures there’s something for everyone on its airwaves.

They aim to foster a sense of community among their listeners, providing a platform for sharing news, insights, and opinions about the ever-evolving landscape of dance, electronic, and hip-hop culture. Through interviews, event coverage, and engaging discussions, they aim to connect fans with the artists and trends shaping the scene, both locally and globally.

Souvenirs FM Aim

Listeners discover new tracks from emerging talents breaking into the scene or groove to familiar favorites from established artists, all curated to keep the energy high and the vibes electric. Souvenirs FM isn’t just a radio station; it’s a sonic destination where listeners can escape into the pulsating rhythms of modern music culture, whether they’re at home, on the road, or out on the town.


Country: France

Genre: dance, electronic, hip-hop

Language: French

Souvenirs FM