LOR FM 97.2 FM

LOR FM 97.2 FM

LOR FM 97.2 FM from France is a dynamic radio station that offers a vibrant mix of electronic and rock music programs. Catering to a diverse audience of music enthusiasts, the station curates playlists that showcase both established and emerging artists in these genres. With its engaging programming and commitment to quality music, it has carved out a unique niche in the French radio landscape for electronic and rock music aficionados.

Its official website – www.lorfm.com

LOR FM 97.2 FM Programs

In their electronic music programs, listeners can expect to hear a wide range of sub-genres, from ambient and downtempo beats to energetic house, techno, and trance tracks. The station often features sets from renowned DJs and producers, as well as interviews with industry experts and artists.

On the rock music front, it delivers a blend of classic rock anthems, indie rock tunes, and alternative rock tracks. They celebrate the rich history of rock music while also spotlighting new and innovative bands that are pushing the boundaries of the genre. The station’s passionate and knowledgeable hosts guide listeners through their musical journey, providing insightful commentary, artist backgrounds, and context that enriches the listening experience.

LOR FM 97.2 FM Aim

It serves as a hub for music news, interviews, and event updates, keeping listeners informed and engaged with the ever-evolving world of electronic and rock music. Whether you’re tuning in during your morning commute or late-night jam sessions, it aims to be your go-to destination for quality music programming.


Country: France

Genre: electronic, rock

Language: French

LOR FM 97.2 FM