FIP is a French radio station owned by Radio France, France’s publicly funded radio broadcaster. FIP is known for its eclectic and diverse music programming, which includes jazz, world music, electronic, classical, and other genres. The station is known for promoting unknown artists and providing a venue for music discovery.

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FIP Radio – Programs

Jazz, pop, soul, blues, reggae, electronic, world music, and other musical genres are featured on FIP Radio. It is well-known for its carefully curated playlists. Here frequently features lesser-known artists as well as deep cuts from established musicians. FIP is primarily about music, with little advertising and commentary. The hosts of the station frequently provide brief introductions to songs and artists, but the focus is on the music itself.

Some popular programs include:

  • FIP Matin – This is FIP’s morning show, with a mix of music, news, and cultural content to get the day started.
  • Club Jazzafip – A jazz music program where listeners can enjoy a variety of classic jazz tracks as well as contemporary jazz releases.
  • Les Enchanteurs – This program focuses on world music, exploring various musical genres and highlighting artists from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Le Grand Mix – A program that delves into the world of electronic music, with sounds ranging from electronic to ambient to experimental.
  • Reggae Night – As the name suggests, this program is all about reggae music, including classic reggae hits, roots reggae, dub, and more.

FIP Radio – Aim

FIP Radio’s carefully curated music programming aims to engage and captivate its audience. This radio station provides a unique and enjoyable listening experience for music lovers. This radio station is also known for its minimalistic and continuous format. The goal of the station is to let the music speak for itself, providing a soundtrack for various moods and moments throughout the day.

FIP is broadcast on FM radio frequencies in France, as well as online via its official website. Because of its unique approach to music programming, the station has developed a devoted following both in France and internationally.


Country: France

Genre: electronic, pop, blues, top40, soundtrack

Language: French and English


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