Voltage Radio is a dynamic and contemporary radio station from France that caters to a wide range of musical tastes and preferences. It offers a vibrant mix of genres including dance, R’n’B, pop, and top 40 hits. This eclectic selection ensures that listeners are treated to the latest chart-toppers, as well as timeless favorites that keep the energy high and the atmosphere lively. It is a versatile station that brings together dance, R’n’B, pop, talk, and top 40, creating an engaging and entertaining experience for its listeners.

Voltage official website – www.voltage.fr

Voltage Programs

The station is not just about music; it also features engaging talk segments. These segments include discussions on current events, interviews with popular artists, and interactive sessions with listeners. The talk shows add depth to the listening experience, providing a platform for entertainment and information.

Voltage Radio’s dance music programming is perfect for those who love to move and groove, featuring the latest in electronic dance music, remixes, and club anthems. The R’n’B segments showcase smooth rhythms, soulful vocals, and the hottest tracks in the genre, while the pop music offerings ensure that fans of mainstream music get their fill of catchy and memorable tunes.

The top 40 segment is dedicated to the biggest hits currently dominating the charts, providing a pulse on what’s trending in the music world. This mix of music and talk makes Voltage Radio a versatile and appealing choice for a broad audience, whether they’re tuning in for a workout, a party, or just to stay updated with the latest hits and news.

Voltage Aim

By featuring a variety of popular music and lively talk segments, the station seeks to entertain, inform, and keep listeners tuned in with the latest trends and hits in the music industry. Their programming is designed to create an energetic and inclusive atmosphere, making it a go-to station for contemporary music lovers in France.


Country: France

Genre: dance, rnb, pop, talk, top40

Language: French