Listen to All in 1: The Online Radio Station That Has It All!

All in 1 Radio is a private radio station in Austria, founded in 2002. It is headquartered in Vienna and broadcasts to the entire country. Furthermore, It is a popular radio for its diverse programs. The radio plays music from all the popular genres.

It was launched by a group of music enthusiasts who wanted to share their passion with the world. Now the radio enjoys support of thousands of listeners from across the country.


The vision of All in 1 is to provide music lovers across Austria to discover hit songs, enjoy their favorite tracks, and interact with each other. More than just a radio station, All in 1 brings together a community of like-minded people who appreciate music and culture.


If you are looking for a radio station that plays a mix of music from many different genres and eras, you will surely like All in 1. An Austrian radio station that broadcasts different music genres. Listeners can enjoy pop, rock, classical, dance, electronic and etc. music on all -in-one internet radio. Whether you like old songs, popular songs or surprising new hits, it has something for you.

All in 1 is hosted by DJ Choco, who welcomes you to his radio station with enthusiasm and passion. DJ Choco is a music lover himself, who enjoys sharing his favorite tracks with his listeners. He also likes to interact with his audience, taking requests, dedicating songs, and giving shout-outs. DJ Choco is always ready to make your day better with his music selection and his friendly voice.

This is a community of music lovers who share their passion for music. Moreover, it’s a platform for discovering new songs, revisiting old favorites, and enjoying the diversity of music. It provides quality, variety, and fun, making it an all-in-1 music experience. The radio is very passionate about entertaining its listeners from Austria and across the globe with the hottest music from every popular genres.

This isn’t just about playing music; it’s about building a community of music lovers. Connect with fellow listeners who share your passion, discover new tracks, and immerse yourself in the joy of music without limits.

All in 1 Radio, with its eclectic mix of music from various genres and eras, is a celebration of good music. It’s a place where the old and the new, the familiar and the exotic, come together to create a symphony that resonates with the soul.


Language: German

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