KroneHit 105.8: The Most Music and 10 Hits in a Row

KroneHit 105.8 is a private radio station that broadcasts from Vienna, Austria. It is owned by the media group Kronen Zeitung. This is the largest newspaper in the country. It claims to be the radio station with the most music and 10 hits in a row. Offering a mix of pop, rock, dance, and hip hop genres. The station also features news, traffic, weather, and entertainment reports, as well as interactive shows with listeners.


KroneHit 105.8 was launched on October 28, 2004, as a successor of the former radio station Antenne Wien. The station was initially named KroneHit Digital, and it was available only through cable and satellite. In 2005, the station obtained a nationwide FM license and rebranded itself as KroneHit 105.8. Since then, the radio expanded its coverage area to all nine federal states of Austria, reaching over 2 million listeners per week.

Vision and Mission

The vision of KroneHit 105.8 is to be the leading radio station in Austria. It wants to be so by providing the best at music and entertainment for its listeners across the country. Furthermore, its mission is to deliver high-quality and innovative radio programs that reflect the interests, needs, and lifestyles of its listeners. The station also aims to be socially responsible and support various charitable causes and events.


KroneHit 105.8 offers a variety of programs that cater to different tastes and moods of its listeners.  Its programs cover news, talk shows, music, and entertainment.

KRONEHIT Morningshow is a morning show featuring upbeat music, funny jokes, and useful information. It is hosted by Anita Ableidinger and Christian Mederitsch. KRONEHIT Charts plays the latest national and international hits. Then, KRONEHIT Clubland features the best club and dance music from around the world. KRONEHIT Fresh introduces new artists and songs. Another popular show, KRONEHIT Greatest Hits plays classic hits from the past decades. KRONEHIT Love plays romantic and sentimental songs for lovers. Finally, KRONEHIT Ultra HD plays high-quality music in ultra-high definition sound.


KroneHit 105.8 has a team of talented and charismatic presenters who entertain and inform the listeners with their personality and style. KRONEHIT is a popular music radio station known for its diverse hosts. Some of the most famous presenters include Anita Ableidinger, Christian Mederitsch, Daniela Zeller, DJ Tom Snow, Lisa Hotwagner, Michael Schmid, Sandra König, and Philipp Hansa. Ableidinger is known for her energetic attitude, passion for music and journalism, Mederitsch for his witty comments, Zeller for her expertise in music trends, Snow for his DJ skills, Hotwagner for her enthusiasm for new music, Schmid for his appreciation for music history and legends, König for her sweet and romantic voice, and Hansa for his adventurous spirit and taste for extreme music genres.


KroneHit 105.8 has a significant impact in the Austrian radio landscape. The station has won several awards for its quality and innovation. It won the Austrian Radio Award, the Radio Advertising Award, and the European Radio Award. The station also supports various social and environmental causes, such as the KRONEHIT Kindertraum, a charity project that fulfills the wishes of children with serious illnesses. Also, the KRONEHIT Green Radio, an initiative that promotes green energy and sustainability.

KroneHit 105.8 is one of the most popular radio stations in Austria, especially among the young and urban listeners. According to the latest Radio Test survey, the station has a market share of 9.1{60297c3c1f31c932e6d9e222881b19d68abc8a6c613ff5fa51397582320704f4} and a daily reach of 1.2 million listeners.



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Language: German

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Address: Daumegasse 1, Wien, Austria.

Frequency: 105.8 FM

KroneHit 105.8