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ORF Radio Tirol in Austria is a vital radio station. It delivers diverse radio programs. The radio has a rich history, a clear mission, and attracting listeners with talented presenters and engaging programs. This is the regional radio station for the federal state of Tyrol and the German-speaking population of South Tyrol. It is operated by the ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster, and the programs from ORF Radio Tirol are produced in the ORF Tirol Studio in Innsbruck.


ORF Radio Tirol was founded in 1967 as a successor of the former Radio Innsbruck, which was established in 1949. The station was initially named Osterreich Regional and later O2-Regional. In 1995, the station adopted its current name, ORF Radio Tirol. It did so to emphasize its regional identity and connection to the people of Tyrol. Since then, the station has expanded its coverage area to include South Tyrol. It serves as a cultural bridge between Austria and Italy.

Vision and Mission:

ORF Radio Tirol aims to be the top radio station in Tyrol and South Tyrol, offering high-quality, diverse programs reflecting listener interests and values. The station also aims to be socially responsible, supporting local and regional initiatives and events.


ORF Radio Tirol offers various programs to cater to different listener tastes and moods. Popular programs include Radio Tirol Morgen, which features upbeat music, news, weather, traffic, and service tips, and Mittagsmagazin, a midday magazine covering current affairs, culture, sports, health, and lifestyle topics. Radio Tirol Musiktruch’n plays folk music from Tyrol and other Alpine regions, while Nachtschicht features pop, rock, soul, and jazz music from various decades. Auszeit is a weekend program that invites listeners to relax and enjoy music, stories, quizzes, and games.


Its charismatic presenters are the driving force behind its popularity. With their warm and friendly voices, they make the listeners feel at home. They skillfully navigate between topics, connecting with the audience effortlessly.

ORF Radio Tirol features a team of professional and charismatic presenters, including Thomas Arbeiter, Claudia Weber, Martin Baldauf, Sabine Wallner, Alexander Weber, Barbara Kohla, Peter Kostner, Christiane Fasching, Raier Perle, and Irene Girkinger. These presenters are popular for their energetic personalities, sports reporting, journalistic skills, cultural knowledge, folk music appreciation, music editing, and connection to listeners. They also have a strong musical taste and experience as DJs and musicians. The hosts are famous for their lively and humorous comments, their interest in human stories, and their leadership skills. ORF Radio Tirol’s vision for radio is evident in their diverse and engaging content.


It has had a significant impact on Tyrolean culture. The station has played an important role in promoting Tyrolean music and culture. This is also a trusted source of news and information for millions of Tyroleans.

ORF Radio Tirol, a prominent Tyrolean radio station, has been recognized for its quality and innovation, and supports social and environmental causes. Including the Radio Tirol Klimaschutzpreis, an award that honors individuals and organizations that contribute to climate protection.



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